The Universal Doctor

by Kevin Birnbaum

St. Albert the Great window at beautiful Blessed Sacrament Church in Seattle.

There is no conflict between science and the Catholic faith. Just ask Albertus Magnus, the 13th-century Dominican bishop, philosopher, theologian, and scientist whose feast the Church celebrates today. So successful was he as a scientist that legends arose that he was actually an alchemist or a wizard. St. Albert also championed the adoption of Aristotle’s philosophy, taught St. Thomas Aquinas at the University of Paris, and was named a Doctor of the Church in 1931. He is the patron saint of scientists and philosophers. From the collect prayer at Mass today:

O God, who made the Bishop Saint Albert great
by his joining of human wisdom to divine faith,
grant, we pray, that we may so adhere to the truths he taught, that through progress in learning
we may come to a deeper knowledge and love of you.

Photo by Kevin Birnbaum.