A call to Christian environmentalism

by Kevin Birnbaum

From “God and Country” by Wendell Berry, in What Are People For?, p. 98:

The ecological teaching of the Bible is simply inescapable: God made the world because he wanted it made. He thinks the world is good, and He loves it. It is His world; He has never relinquished title to it. And He has never revoked the conditions, bearing on His gift to us of the use of it, that oblige us to take excellent care of it. If God loves the world, then how might any person of faith be excused for not loving it or justified in destroying it?

The indifference or outright hostility of many Christians to the necessity of caring for Creation is embarrassing and indefensible. We are the ones who should know better. We have been given so great a gift, and would we squander it? For what?

Image by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.