An interesting approach to the works of mercy

by Kevin Birnbaum

The Boston Globe has a very nice story today about a church I was blessed to attend while I was in college. Highrock Church in Arlington, Mass., is taking an interesting approach to the corporal works of mercy, which should be the constant occupation of all Christians.

Highrock Church wanted to be part of the fabric of the community. So it reached out to help in ways small — and not so small.

Which explains the violins and electric guitars, drums and keyboards, and roof-raising, 41-voice chorus that put on a Christmas spectacular at Highrock last weekend. Every penny in proceeds — about $15,000 — will go to the town. The money pays for a part-time social worker dedicated to helping Arlington’s neediest residents — a salary taxpayers would be hard-pressed to cover since state cuts to aid for cities and towns.

Read the rest here. And here’s a video from one of their six concerts last weekend, featuring what has always been one of my favorite Christmas songs: